About Us

Hammer Down Farms is a family owned and locally grown business specializing in unique and small batch hemp products.


Created by James and Stephanie Kendrick, they have cultivated a brand and mission from the place of wanting to give back and provide the community with quality and safe products. Driven by their mission to raise awareness for addiction, every decision made in the business is directed at helping our community. From a family of small business entrepreneurs, the Hammer Down brand is about working hard and relaxing harder. 

A true family run business, James Kendrick (II) and Alivia Kendrick help manage the day to day business, along with the marketing and strategy behind the Hammer Down brand.


Created by the inspiration from a family full of athletes and entrepreneurs, the Kendrick family was motivated to create products that not only allowed people to live a life free of pain but also a life of less stress and mental ailments.

Our products: 

Our products were locally grown on the Hammer Down Farm, where we used all organic soil and treatments, giving you top shelf quality. Each product in the Hammer Down catalog is meant to be a substitute to make your life more natural and your pain more manageable.



Guided by the wisdom of tradition and the spirit of innovation, Hammer Down Farms emerged as a sanctuary of authenticity in the hemp landscape. With a commitment that resonates with respect for the holistic essence.

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